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Our legal experts have been advising harmed parties of a wide number of truck and 18-wheeler accidents in Monterey and throughout California get the reasonable reparation that they have a claim to.

Truck and Semi-Truck crashes are unfortunately a reality that can strike any of us, anytime. Have you or anyone close to you been injured recently in a calamity involving a large truck or an 18 wheeler? In that case, you could gain access to a Monterey truck collision experienced attorney.

In case you present these circumstances, we can give our representation services at no cost:

  • Be harmed in an auto crash over the preceding 3 months
  • Be not-at-fault
  • Have insurance
  • Received therapy within 2 weeks of the accident

Allow us to work on your accident case, we will take care of everything.

So if you or a friend has received injuries during a truck accident, it is in your best interest to have a Monterey truck and semi-truck crash legal adviser guiding you out.

This important activity requires large trucks to navigate regularly through every route of California.

There is no doubt that big rig trucks such as tractors and semi-trailers are an integral part of the Monterey economy and they are at the core of America’s business.

Our legal specialists admit the importance of large trucks and their drivers.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a serious big rig collision in Monterey, our team of injury experienced legal advisers is prepared to guide you. We have the experience necessary to defend the rights of injured truck and semi-truck collision involved parties in Monterey.


Trucking crashes can have mortal consequences.

Since the stimulus in a large truck smash is this great, normal automobiles are nearly always destroyed and the drivers or passengers inside are seriously harmed or even dead.

These injuries can include traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries (which can cause long-lasting and total paralysis), internal injuries, increased injuries, soft tissue injuries, fractures, back and spine injuries, neck injuries, etc.

It should additionally be noted that in massive truck collisions those affected often suffer huge psychological injuries.

Not only can these injuries be definitely costly to treat, but they can as well prevent the injured person from returning to work, putting families at risk.

Large trucks present threats that require special rules

It is quite usual that, after a intensive investigation, the gathered evidence shows that trucks present violations of some of these regulations which could have led to the accident. Each and every 18 wheeler driver should be familiar of those prevention procedures that can keep them away from trouble on California roads, guaranteeing the safety of each other user of the road.

Considering the potential risks of these large vehicles and 18-wheelers, there are loads of federal and state regulations that direct the operation of such trucks, such as safety inspections, speed control, alcohol, drugs, and other regulations. Most trucks have devices that drive as a black-box and record data with reference to the truck, which can be certainly useful in the event of a crash.


How much can I get compensated as an accident involved party in Monterey?

If the behavior of the other party was particularly outrageous or illegal, exemplary or punitive damage can as well be recognized. The value of a indemnification claim depends on factors such as the type of crash, the intensity of the injuries, and the degree to which you may have participated to the collision.

Is there anything I can do to get compensated for a truck collision

There are two key things to know about Monterey large truck accident indemnification services.

However, you can in addition claim damages from any extra infringer.

This could be:

  • Outside driver (i.e. driver of another passenger vehicle); Manufacturer of truck parts, Manufacturer of defective brakes or tires;
  • Carrier or sender (provided the accident was caused by a cargo sack or similar incident). Truck scrutiny Agencies.

We know how to represent the injured parties of truck accidents in Monterey, so you can get the proper indemnity that you are entitled to.

We know the specific details of road collisions involving large vehicles and we are good at working with insurance specialists as competently as dealing with opposing lawyers to get the best feasible compensation. If you have been injured in a truck and semi-truck crash, call us today to receive the best advice from an experienced traffic crash attorney in Monterey or contact us online. We will provide you with a free confidential consultation.

Our services include speaking to witnesses, writing a police report, sending loot letters, analyzing black-box truck data, reviewing driver files, and checking the upkeep and service history of trucking companies, analyzing physical data (capacity characteristics, etc.) and more.


Time is of the essence to claim your fair compensation

One of the main reasons for calling a professional legal specialist as soon as possible is the state boundary statute, which prohibits plaintiffs from seeking damages from the guilty party two years after the trial.

However, in addition to the statute of limitations, it is indispensable to file a suit speedily as this will ensure that the evidence required for your court case is well preserved. The sooner you take action to file a claim, the more likely the blamed parties will consent to pay for your injuries.

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Should I work with a professional attorney who specializes in large truck crashes?

There is no decree that requires you to hire a professional legal representative. But you are advised to consult with a professional lawyer, especially if the damage is unquestionably severe.

This is what our large truck crash legal representatives will take care of for you:

  • Make sure your claim is submitted within the statute of limitations;
  • Examine your case;
  • Negotiate with insurance specialists;
  • Review your options for claiming indemnity, including parties who may be liable;
  • Calculate the value of your claims taking into account every single economic and non-economic damage;
  • File a suit and take your case to court on your behalf if an out-of-court settlement cannot be made.