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Our competent team will vigorously defend you in any aspect of your trucking accident claim. We extend free representation services for those who qualify under certain conditions

Our legal representatives have been aiding involved parties of plenty of truck and 18-wheeler crashes in Perris and throughout California get the appropriate indemnification that they deserve.

In case you present the following conditions, we can provide our representation services without charge:

  • Be harmed in an auto crash over the previous 3 months
  • Be not-at-fault
  • Be covered by insurance
  • Underwent therapy within two weeks of the crash

Simply allow us to work on your case, we will take care of everything.

So if you or a family member has suffered injuries during a trucking collision, it is in your best interest to get a Perris truck accident legal adviser assisting you out.

But these huge trucks present extraordinary dangers to other vehicles and even pedestrians, and our attorneys have corroborated the terrible impact that a large truck accident can have on the lives of individuals and their families.

Big rig trucks typically have less visibility than normal vehicles, a slower braking response , and a more limited ability to react on time to prevent collisions.


Big Rig accidents can have serious consequences.

The outcome is that, even a slow crash, such as those derived from a rear-end accident at an intersection quite often involves more damage than a collision amid 2 normal cars.

These injuries can include traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, internal injuries, increased injuries, soft tissue injuries, fractures, back and spine injuries, neck injuries, etc.

Not only can these injuries be categorically costly to treat, but they can additionally prevent the injured person from returning to work, putting families at risk.

It should also be noted that in huge 18 wheeler collisions those affected quite often suffer huge psychological injuries.


In the event of a large truck crash,It is unquestionably recommended to seek a Perris traffic crash legal representative

A Perris traffic crash legal counsellor will fight for you and your family. Anyone who has been harmed in a car crash or has lost a loved one should seek the aid of a professional legal expert who is aware with federal and state trucking laws and understands how trucking works.

How much is my truck accident claim worth in Perris?

However, appropriate compensation may be arranged to cover wages, reimbursable medical expenses, pain and suffering, property damage and further losses. The value of a fair indemnification allegation depends on variables such as the type of collision, the extremity of the injuries, and the degree to which you may have participated to the crash.

What do I need to do to get reparation for a trucking crash?

There are two very key things to know about Perris large truck collision reparation services.

However, you can as well claim damages from any additional infringer.

This could be:

  • Outside driver (i.e. driver of another passenger vehicle); Manufacturer of truck parts, Manufacturer of defective brakes or tires;
  • Carrier or sender (provided the accident was caused by a cargo sack or similar incident). Truck investigation Agencies.

Our lawyers successfully represented numerous people hurt in big rig crashes in Perris and secured indemnifications worth millions of dollars for the hurt parties.

We know the specific details of road crashes involving large vehicles and we are used to working with insurance specialists as well as dealing with opposing lawyers to succeed in getting the best attainable compensation. If you have been involved in a big rig crash, call us today to receive the best advice from an experienced traffic accident legal adviser in Perris or contact us online. We will provide you with a free confidential consultation.

We hire experienced crash reconstruction experts to assist you and prepare your case.


You should claim as soon as possible

It is paramount that you act quickly after a trucking crash, to begin the claim process and succeed in getting the appropriate compensation for the damages inflicted that you have a right to. One of the main reasons for calling a professional legal specialist as soon as possible is the state boundary statute, which prohibits plaintiffs from seeking damages from the guilty party two years after the trial.

However, in addition to the statute of limitations, it is fundamental to file a lawsuit quickly as this will ensure that the evidence required for your court case is well preserved.

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Should I work with a professional solicitor who specializes in big rig collisions?

There is no obligation that requires you to hire a professional attorney. But you are advised to work with a professional legal representative, especially if the damage is categorically severe.

This is what our big rig crash legal representatives will accomplish for you:

  • Make sure your claim is submitted within the statute of limitations;
  • Examine your case;
  • Negotiate with insurance specialists;
  • Review your options for claiming fair compensation, including parties who may be liable;
  • Calculate the value of your claims taking into account every economic and non-economic damage;
  • File a lawsuit and take your case to court on your behalf if an out-of-court pact cannot be made.